Hue – DMZ – Ho Chi Minh trail – My Son – Hoi An

( 3 days 2 night )
History, culture, hilltribes
+The 1st day: Heading up to the Quãng Trị province where the DMZ belongs, we will stop at Hương Điền cemetary_one of the biggest ones in Huế to pay respects to the soliders who fought and died during the war, arriving Quãng Trị town we will visit some relics of Quãng Trị battle field during 81 days and nights between the North and south Vietnam. Long Hưng Church Horibble highway 1 and ride along the beautiful coast road crossing Viet mouth then Tùng mouth with small fishing villages, salt and shrimp farms. Next we will explore Vịnh Mốc tunnel, well-known as the village underground the land with 3 levels: 12, 15, 23 metter deepth with a total length of 1701 metters, then we will travel to Bến Hải river banks and Hiền Lương bridge where Vietnam was devided by the Geneva Convention on May 20th 1954 _ Demilitarized Zone. Having lunch at Mieu base after we will ride up the eastern Hồ Chí Minh trail with 20 km to Highway 9 and up to the Khe Sanh combat base. Overnight is Khe Sanh.

+The 2nd one: After visiting Khe Sanh base, Tà Cơn airport Highway 9 meseum we will spend the rest of this day to taste the Hồ Chí Minh trail, visit some minority villages that lie along the trail to see their comunity house, some their daily activities, especially you will see how beautiful Vietnam is, with the rain forest many beautiful landscapes, water fall. The spectacular view from the top of mountains. Overnight in Prao.

+The 3rd one: We will have 52 km left to Thạnh Mỹ on the western Hồ Chí Minh trail where we meet the point between Western and East_western of the trail, ride down to Đại Lộc town where there is the biggest pineapple farm in Vietnam then enjoy some fresh ones from the farmer after that crossing Bồn river by local boat through the village road to explore Mỹ Sơn _ Chămpa temples _ The UNESCO heritage site from 1999. Then keep going on to Trà Kiệu village which is famous for rice paper making, stop at a family house to see how to do that then we go down to Hội An. The tour is finished.

+Start time 1st day: 8:00 am.

+Finish time 3rd one: 4:00 pm.

+Price: 70$/pax/day ( including: 2 nights hotel, raincoat, tickets, helmet, English speaking guide).

+We are happy to meet you in person to discuss or answer some questions you many have about the tour.

+Self ride: If you are interesting in riding and know how to ride we can arrange the bike then you will ride follwing the guide.

*Star from Huế or Hội An*