Hue – City of tombs – Phu Dien temple – Tam Giang lagoon

+Start time: 8:30 am.

+Finish time: 4:00 pm.

After visiting some tourist places in Huế. If you want to spend one more day get off the crowded town to see some different hidden germs. This is the best way to explore some amazing and interesting things outside of this city where many tourists don’t have opportunity to do and no group of bike tour could serve you beside of us.

Driving down the coast through many small villages and rice fields to Phú Diễn temple that was found by the local people in 2001 at 10 metter deepth under the sand hill and told that it was built in 6th or 7th century by ChamPa people then going along the village coast road to An Bằng to explore the city of tombs. To us and many our former customers this is only place in over the world. There are thousands od family tombs buit in complex and clever architectual desings by local after their death people. Then keep driving along the country side road with the lagoon on one side and the ocean on the other. This area is famous for fish sauce, stop at Thuận An beach to have rest and lunch. After that we will drive along the coast road through many rice fields duck and fish farms then explore Tam Giang lagoon with boat fish men daily life and activities of people before returning to Huế:

+We are very happy to meet you in person to discuss or answer some questions you may have about the tour.

+Price: 30$/pax ( including: helmet, petrol, English speaking guide, raincoat ).